The Order Of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon

Apocalypse Moon Cover

Heavy metal is a genre where old trends not only live on for good, it is also a genre where these old trends are celebrated in a way that keeps them relevant for the scene. And yes, The Order Of Chaos’ new album “Apocalypse Moon” is a perfect example for this general trend. It is not just an old school metal album, it is a heavy metal album that both celebrates the classical elements of heavy metal while still adding an interesting spin to their music. So yes, you will both get the classical guitar riffs, guitar solos, powerful drums, a talented singer and a skilled bassist, but the album has even more to offer than this. With this I am referring to the band’s tendency to dangle into the more extreme metal genres. The third song “Indoctrination” could also be a slower song from a thrash metal band for instance. This is nothing new as such of course, since thrash metal and classical heavy metal have a certain overlap, but there was still something that struck me as unusual: The singer’s ability to deliver both clear and borderline death metal style vocals. This alone would probably feel rather odd if the rest of the band was not able to support their singer there, but fortunately, they are more than able to do just that!

They are still no melodic death metal band though, but as I said, that is exactly what makes the band so different and so interesting. They still have the melody and the feeling of an old school metal band, but sometimes they just want to scream it out so to say. A tour with a certain Swedish death metal band that hired a certain Canadian singer a while ago would certainly benefit both bands. Eight devils!


  1. The Anthem of Pain
  2. Death After Life
  3. Indoctrination
  4. Downfall
  5. Evil Surrounds Me
  6. Survival of the Richest
  7. Apocalypse Moon
  8. The Venom
  9. Sexwitch
  10. Victim of Circumstance
  11. Deceiver
  12. The Devil You Know

Playing time: 54:27

Release date: 13 November 2015

Website: The Order Of Chaos (Facebook)

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