25th May 2016

Album Reviews

Rezet – Reality Is A Lie

24th May 2016
Death Angel, Flotsam & Jetsam, Suicidal Angels, Destruction, Warfect, Paradox, After All, Assassin and now this German band Rezet. That’s a hell of a lot of thrash in 2 months…. Not one of them isn’t worth [...]

Incertain – My Hostage

23rd May 2016
Heavy Metal fans might differ on a lot of things when it comes to their beloved genre, but there are a couple of things we can all agree on, one of these things being that [...]
lacuna coil - delirium
Album Reviews

Lacuna Coil – Delirium

22nd May 2016

My goodness! Cristina and the boys certainly put the pedal to the metal when they wrote the eleven songs for their 8th studio album, ‘Delirium’. It’s as if there’s a bit more of, well, everything. Already […]

Album Reviews

Astrakhan – Adrenaline Kiss

22nd May 2016

Astrakhan, hailing from Sweden, have arrived with album number two in the form of “Adrenaline Kiss”.  Featuring acclaimed singer Alexander Lycke (known for singing in productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar”,” Hair”, “American Idiot” and “Les […]

Helhorse - Helhorse
Album Reviews

Helhorse – Helhorse

21st May 2016

Over the years, there have been sludge/stoner bands I liked – or at least appreciated. But on the whole, I had enough at a very early stage. There are SO MANY of those bands! “We […]

Live Reviews

LONEWOLF - The Heathen Dawn
 Defenders Of The Crown - Re-Release