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Power Quest – Face The Rave

8th December 2016
Following his departure from his keyboard duties in DragonHeart (now known as DragonForce), Steve Williams forged ahead and formed Power Quest in 2001. The band has had so many line-up changes since their humble beginnings [...]

Helmet – Dead To The World

5th December 2016
Now, there is no doubt that Page Hamilton has meant the world to a lot of musicians out there. Many, many bands that are today part of the metal canon have Helmet on the list [...]
Album Reviews

Enbound – The Blackened Heart

28th November 2016

Five years have passed since Enbound released their debut album “And She Says Gold”, and here follows album number two: “The Blackened Heart”. They are still operating in the area between melodic metal and power […]

Album Reviews

Reapter – Cymatics

28th November 2016

Reapter are a band playing a thrash sound that shows a respect to the past, while at the same time trying to root themselves in the modern-day thrash environment. While I can respect their dedication […]

Album Reviews

Maschine – Naturalis

27th November 2016

Maschine from the UK released a fine debut album “Rubidium” in 2013, followed by silence… and now all of a sudden comes their sophomore album “Naturalis”, a more laid-back and softer output from the band. […]

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