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Helmet – Dead To The World

5th December 2016
Now, there is no doubt that Page Hamilton has meant the world to a lot of musicians out there. Many, many bands that are today part of the metal canon have Helmet on the list [...]

Enbound – The Blackened Heart

28th November 2016
Five years have passed since Enbound released their debut album “And She Says Gold”, and here follows album number two: “The Blackened Heart”. They are still operating in the area between melodic metal and power [...]
Album Reviews

Reapter – Cymatics

28th November 2016

Reapter are a band playing a thrash sound that shows a respect to the past, while at the same time trying to root themselves in the modern-day thrash environment. While I can respect their dedication […]

Album Reviews

Maschine – Naturalis

27th November 2016

Maschine from the UK released a fine debut album “Rubidium” in 2013, followed by silence… and now all of a sudden comes their sophomore album “Naturalis”, a more laid-back and softer output from the band. […]

Album Reviews

Burning Point – The Blaze

25th November 2016

Less than one and a half year ago the first album with singer Nitte Valo was released. Back then it was a question if Nitte would be a permanent member. Now we know better, again […]

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