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Kino – Radio Voltaire

24th March 2018 Kenn Jensen
When the news broke early this year that a new Kino album was in the making many progressive rock fans, like me, dug out their copy of the long forgotten Kino debut album ‘Picture’ from [Read »]
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Godslave – Reborn Again

18th March 2018 Reinier de Vries

Teutonic thrash with some Bay Area influences, nothing more, nothing less. Well executed however with lots of variety, in tempos and in style. Different styles of bands form the base of the songs. ‘Into the [Read »]

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Ostura – The Room

17th March 2018 Rick Ossian

Ostura is a five-piece outfit from Lebanon.  They are on their second album.  If you’ve never heard them before, then you are in for a rare treat.  If you are a fan of prog metal, [Read »]

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Animal Drive – Bite!

17th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

It is pretty obvious why the late Paul O’Neill handpicked vocalist Dino Jelusic to tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and together with his fellow compatriots from Croatia comes now the debut album from his own band [Read »]

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Ostura – Deathless

One of the best songs to be released in 2018. This is dark progressive metal spiced up with Middle Eastern melodies. Blend it with massive cinematic soundscapes, and some of the best male vocals performance, and we have a winner. The lyric video does its job to perfection, and gets the message accross.