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Collector – Liberation’s Fall

18th August 2018 Thomas Nielsen
With an entire page of the accompanying CD booklet dedicated to the memory of Sanctuary/Nevermore voice Warrel Dane, the Boston band Collector set their listeners’ expectations high even before the first spin of the album. [Read »]

Milk White Throat – House of Fire EP

14th August 2018 Rick Ossian
Milk White Throat are a three-piece alternative prog/punk aggregation from Brighton. After one single, Under Duress, was recorded, and some family issues dealt with, they got together to record this, their first EP.  House of [Read »]
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Fates Warning – Live Over Europe

13th August 2018 Rick Ossian

Long touted as the progenitors of progressive heavy metal, these stalwarts from Hartford, Connecticut have been at it since 1982.  Since then they have circumnavigated the world and ruled festival stages globally.  For the most [Read »]

Album Reviews

The Chapter – Angels And Demons

11th August 2018 Chris Galea

“Angels And Demons” is a surprisingly strong debut from Portuguese band The Chapter. Musically the album has strong hints of Moonspell, especially with regards the deep-sounding lead vocals. Other elements recall early Dark Tranquillity, Opeth [Read »]

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Motör Militia – World In Flames

6th August 2018 Chris Galea

It’s not often that I have the opportunity to review a Metal album from the Middle East. Motör Militia are in fact from Bahrain, an archipelago in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar [Read »]

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Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds Part 1

by Rick Ossian in Album of the Month 0

In order to listen to this new stuff from Messr. Romeo, you need to enter your listening experience with an open mind. There won’t always be what you expect lying around each musical corner, so [Read »]

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