Album Reviews

Album Reviews

My Regime – Deranged Patterns

21st June 2017 Reinier de Vries

This will be one of my shortest reviews this year. My Regime is a Swedish band around Spice, known from Spiritual Beggars, Kayser and The Mushroom River Band. In 2016 they already released an album called Dogmas. [Read »]

Album Reviews

Klabautamann – Smaragd

14th June 2017 Liam Savage

Music that showcases many styles and layers to encompass a band sound is always welcome to me.  I enjoy reading about the aspects of a group’s sound before delving in aurally.  With Klabautamann, the black [Read »]

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Album of the Month

Sarea – Black At Heart

by Sophie Ruhnke in Album of the Month 3

Three years have passed since Sarea, the modern melodic metal band from Norrköping, Sweden, released their album This Is Not Goodbye. Supporting the band since my review of the very same album, I was now [Read »]

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