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Persefone – Aathma

26th February 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt
2013 was an memorable year for me, especially when it comes to metal music, and I’m still wondering how an unknown band walking on this earth under the banner of Persefone managed to slip under my [Read »]
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Thunder – Rip It Up

25th February 2017 Kenn Jensen

In many ways you can say that Thunder and Tesla share similar faith: both had some commercial success early on, both have never release a bad album; ranging from rock solid over very good to [Read »]

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Michael Bolton – Songs of Cinema

23rd February 2017 Kenn Jensen

A Michael Bolton review on might not be the most obvious of things, but as it happens this new album is released by Frontiers Records S.r.l., so we received it… and here goes nothing! [Read »]

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Ancestral – Master Of Fate

by Reinier de Vries in Album of the Month 1

Italy is known in the metal community for their power metal bands. Rhapsody (of Fire) is their biggest export. Lots of other combos play in that same genre, but all don’t get the same popularity. [Read »]

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Sacrilege – Lies

Strong riffs, great solos, powerful vocals....all in a video that's fun and devoid of pretentiousness. From one of the very few Doom exponents of the original NWOBHM scene. What's not to like!