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Kreator – Gods Of Violence

20th January 2017
When I think of Kreator, immediately the phrase ‘Time to raise the flag of hate’ comes to mind. Together with Destruction this band stood at the cradle of German thrash. Sure, they stood in the shade [Read more →]

Avenford – New Beginning

20th January 2017
“Courage”, “face your fears”, “keep on fighting” are all tropes that you see a lot in all Metal genres and not just in Power Metal. The only difference is that Power Metal embraces these tropes [Read more →]
Album Reviews

Árstíðir Lífsins – Heljarkviða

19th January 2017

Árstíðir Lífsins is a band that is probably not on everyone’s radar in the current metal climate.  However, their sound is one that demands attention.  Take a beautiful pagan/folk metal background, add in heavy helpings [Read more →]

Album Reviews

Hevidence – Nobody’s Fault

14th January 2017

Former DGM guitarist Diego Reali is the man behind Hevidence, and on this sophomore album – first album “There’s Only Ten Left” was released under the Evidence banner in 2011 – he takes us back [Read more →]

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  • Album of the Month

    White Widdow – Silhouette

    We like what we like. Whether it be food, beer, a certain brand of shoes, whatever, we are all individuals in what we favor. This is especially true when it comes to music. While in [Read more →]
  • Album of the Month

    Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

    Avenged Sevenfold has had a bit of a hard go since the release of their last album “Hail To The King”.  Although that particular album sold and charted well, it’s the first album of theirs [Read more →]
  • Album of the Month

    Anciients – Voice Of The Void

    I first heard Anciients about two years ago, which is about a year after their debut album “Heart Of Oak” was released.  The band and album did what rarely happens with me, and that’s start [Read more →]
  • Album of the Month

    Pain – Coming Home

    WARNING! Extremely catchy music ahead! I’m infected, you might be too in a near future. When it was announced a few weeks ago that Peter Tägtgren and Pain would guest the Aalborg Metal Festival in [Read more →]

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MYSTIC PROPHECY - Vengeance (Re-Release)