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Auri – Auri

13th April 2018 Thomas Nielsen
When you hear the name Tuomas Holopainen, those of us who haven’t closed our eyes and ears the past 15 years automatically think ’Nightwish’. Holopainen wants to be more than just the Nightwish guy, which [Read »]
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Inferi – Revenant

12th April 2018 Haydee G.

Inferi, as I’ve read it, “took the world by storm with their critically acclaimed 2014 breakout hit, The Path of Apotheosis“. Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of their existence at the time and [Read »]

Album Reviews

Shiraz Lane – Carnival Days

5th April 2018 Kenn Jensen

My biggest issues with Shiraz Lane‘s debut album were the mediocre production, the lead vocals and the overall song writing – but things have thankfully improved on all fronts on their new sophomore album entitled: [Read »]

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Ostura – The Room

by Rick Ossian in Album of the Month 0

Ostura is a five-piece outfit from Lebanon.  They are on their second album.  If you’ve never heard them before, then you are in for a rare treat.  If you are a fan of prog metal, [Read »]

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