Sunrise – Absolute Clarity


The third album of this melodic metal band hailing from Kiev, Ukraine is self released after a successful crowdfunding campaign. After the debut ‘Liberty'(2007), ‘Trust Your Soul’ (2009) and the only digital released EP called ‘Hope and Prey’ the next step. There are 2 songs from that EP on this album namely, “Hope and Prey” and “Live In Peace”.

I’m not familiar with the first releases, but after reading some reviews of those albums on the internet, I don’t think the style on this new album has changed a lot. With music like this you need a good vocalist and with Laars Naumenko they have that. He has the typical power metal voice, You can compare him for a part with Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius. Also there are some resemblances with Tony Kakko. The music can also be put in the same row as those two bands. Rather happy sounding music, with good melodies and refrains that stick and are quite easy to sing a long with. The music is accompanied by interesting keyboard parts as for example in “What You Have Done”. There also is enough variety in tempo; some faster tracks like “Tower Of Fear”, “Live In Peace” and “When Here Comes the Night”, midtempo pieces like “Star Ocean”, “Reality Of Dreams” and “Hope And Pray”. With “Prayer For You” and “The Angel” two softer pieces pass by. The most modern sounding track is “Thunder In the Distance” with electronic sounds and rhytmns. Personally this is not something I really like, but perhaps you think otherwise.

All in all, this is a good melodic powermetal album, but not one that really tops the general releases in the genre.


01. Tower Of Fear

02. Star Ocean

03. Live In Peace

04. Prayer For You

05. Reality Of Dreams

06. What You Have Done

07. When Here Comes the Night

08. The Angel

09. Hope And Pray

10. Thunder In the Distance


Playing time: 43:00

Release date: 19 January 2016

Label: self released


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