The Solitude Productions label was founded in July 2005 for promotion of mainly Russian doom metal varying within wide range from traditional to funeral doom. The reason for label foundation lies behind the fact that many underground bands within doom metal frames create excellent music, but experience problems with finding the label, because no so many labels are interested in the style. Besides that, a significant part of material issued under “doom metal” trade mark actually is not (offering variations of gothic metal and melodic death metal), and the label (together with website supported by the same team) aims for providing correct information about the style as it is.

Among the achievements of the label within the period passed since the foundation one can outline that Solitude Productions signed for the first time in Russia a Russian funeral doom band, (Intaglio), and a sludge doom band (Heavy Lord). The label promoted not only new Russian bands, but also young talented bands from former Soviet republics: Belarus (Reido), Ukraine (Somnolent, Autumnia) and Latvia (Frailty). Solitude Productions is also known for re-releases of classical albums which played an important role in formation of Russian doom metal scene (Ocean of Sorrow, Painful Memories). This series of re-releases was also extended to several classical funeral doom releases by Evoken, Catacombs and Hierophant which original releases were sold out and became a rare stuff.

In the end of 2006 the BadMoodMan Music sub-label was found for promotion of the bands which do not exactly fit the style of the mother label. After this division the label was actively asked about the difference between the mother label and the sub-label which in fact both promoted similar music featured doom elements. Finally the bands playing doom metal, doom-death, funeral doom or sludge doom were associated with mother label Solitude Productions, while the bands playing in other styles (for example, melodic death), featuring, however, doom metal elements were associated with BadMoodMan Music.

However, the activity of BadMoodMan Music was not limited by the promotion of doom metal related bands, expanding to the area of ambient, dark folk and depressive black metal styles. For example, the original releases of famous Austrian dark ambient one-man-band Vinterriket were issued as well as Russian band Opaque Lucidity. Another band hosted by BadMoodMan Music is Kauan offering fine mixture of dark folk and doom metal which has been nominated as “band of the year” by several magazines. Recently the sub-label concentrated on depressive black metal bands such as Skogyr (2007), Darktrance and Raventale (2008).

Nowadays Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music appear to be an important part of Russian underground scene offering new talented bands to the fans of gloom and dark atmosphere in music.

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