FEED THEM DEATH releases new official video “Exposed Parading Dissent”

The Power of Metal.dk webzine proudly presents the premiere of the new FEED THEM DEATH’s lyric video, taken from the Italian (via UK) death-grinders new album No Solution / Dissolution.
The album is already out but the band keeps promoting it with brand new content. This is a lyric video of one of the album strongest tracks, ‘Exposed Parading Dissent’. Enjoy!

Quote from Void:

“Exposed Parading Dissent” is a track that is very important for me, as it represented the first real imprinting for all the other tracks to come. It was the very first Feed Them Death track I composed musically, and the last for which I wrote lyrics, therefore I consider this song both as thesis and synthesis of the whole writing process for the first album.

The songwriting has been extremely instinctive for this being the first track I composed under this new band’s name, and really did set the benchmark for all the other songs in view of creating something direct, no-bullshit and old-school.

The lyrics are also very relevant for me – this is a song about how each form of dissent have now become trivial and apparent: how so many times those who claim to hold strong dissident views and take pride in their protest are in fact strengthening the status quo and ultimately conforming to it by being unable to think with their own heads, but rather recite expired content that someone else had force-fed them with to make them innocuous.”

“No Solution / Dissolution” is the first release by FEED THEM DEATH, the old school death-grind solo project created by Void – founding member of legendary Italian death metallers ANTROPOFAGUS back in 1996 and mastermind behind the seminal “No Waste of Flesh” (1999) and “Alive
 is Good… Dead is Better” (2001).

FEED THEM DEATH is committed to oppose to the bullshit and hedonistic mentality that seem to have misshaped the anatomy of the extreme music since the turn of the millennium: its releases will be concise, its songs short. Lyrics are also angry and relevant, bridging the gap with a past in which extreme music had something meaningful to say, before the whole parading dissent began and the underground lost its way.

Featuring many collaborations including Argento (Spite Extreme Wing D.M., ex-Antropofagus), Christian Montagna (ex-Traitor, ex-Cast Thy Eyes, BUNE, editor of Son of Flies Webzine) and Deimos (Will’o’Wisp), FEED THEM DEATH first release blasts 12 tracks of uncompromising brutality.

New chaos from the old depths of extreme music. No intros, no outros, no solos, no bullshit. This is just pure fucking death-grind. A must for fans of Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Nasum and Misery Index.

“No Solution / Dissolution” is out now via GrimmDistribution and Exalted Woe Records.


1. Cadavoracity I
2. Exposed Parading Dissent
3. Bloodshed Theatre
4. The Horrific Balance
5. Terrific Gods Caravan
6. First Time Dead
7. Prosperity / Captivity
8. Doctrine of Approximation
9. Penance in the Wrong Direction
10. Inception in Rot
11. Divide + Conquer
12. Cadavoracity II

Line-up: Void – Vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming




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