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26th July 2017
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Zeta Nemesis Records
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More than seven years after the release of Archangels in Black, the new album of Stéphan Forté and his band Adagio is done. The band again has many new members, of which Kelly Sundown Carpenter is a name insiders certainly know. The singers in Adagio are always  good, and with Kelly this again is a fact. Beyond Twilight, Outworld, and Darkology are the most known albums with Kelly on vocals.

I had rather high expectations about this new album, Life. After listening to it a couple of times, those expectations were a bit too high, I guess. My favorite Adagio album is their second release, Underworld (2003), a progressive album with a lot of neo-classical elements. There are still neo-classical parts, but in general, the music sounds a lot more modern. After the intro, the song ‘Life’ opens with djent sounding riffs. Personally, I am not really impressed and pleased by that, but fortunately Kelly’s charismatic, aggressive voice sees to it that this is one of the best songs. As always, the guitar solos of Stéphan are great, and that counts for the entire album.

In general, the music sounds more modern than before. A bit too modern in my opinion. Take for example the third track, which has again a lot of djent parts, completed by shredding guitars. That more modern approach does not make this a bad album, just not my personal taste. If you listen more often, you will find out that the songs are build up very strong and that the keyboard parts are amazing at times. If you are a fan of Adagio and do like the other albums, you will have to get used to the more modern sound, but there is also still enough of the old Adagio sound. Take for example ‘I’ll Possess You’, with violins, piano, and great orchestral parts.

All in all, Life is an album that I like, but also with a few question marks. Some songs could have been a bit shorter, and the modern influences I will not miss the next time. On the other hand, the vocals are superb, the solos are finger licking good, and the variety and song building is outstanding. My advice is to listen first and then decide if this is your thing.


01. Life 9:22
02. The Ladder 6:39
03. Subrahmanya 6:55
04. The Grand Spirit Voyage 6:10
05. Darkness Machine 5:42
06. I'll Possess You 5:47
07. Secluded within Myself 5:52
08. Trippin' Away 6:06
09. Torn 4:37

Playing Time: 57:00

Kelly Sundown - Vocals
Stéphan Forté - Guitar
Franck Hermanny - Bass
Kevin Codfert - Keyboards
Guillaume Bergiron - Drums
Mayline Gautié - Violin

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