To be or not to be
Release date: November 14th 2005
AFM Records
Target Distribution
Progressive Rock
Rating: 73/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October '05

Yargos - what a strange name... ohh wait Andrew "Mac" McDermott is the vocalist on this album... I am a big fan of his and Threshold, so let's hear what this is all about...

Hey, what's this... rock with some nice progressive touches, Mac is singing as brilliantly as ever before, he is even exploring some brand new territory with this album. Mastermind and composer of this project is Wieland Hofmeister, who has joined forces with 2 well known persons from the rock scene in Hannover: Osssy Pfeiffer  and Anca Graterol - none of them ring any bells with me... but the last 2, who completes the line-up do: Peter Pichl (Running Wild) and Andreas Kienitz (Hydrotoxin & Human Fortress).

For a little more than an hour we take a journey, which reminds a bit of Kansas and Saga, nice melodic songs with big well crafted choruses, fine layers of keyboards, nice guitar riffs and leads and above everything else Mac and Anca's vocals. After a very good start with 2 of the best songs on the album "The Guilded Cage" and "Why?", things slow down a bit and a few mediocre songs have slipped in, but things pick up pace again with "Human Nature", and the wonderful ballad "Time Drops" and it all ends with a very good live version of "The Summer Tree" - I prefer the live-version to the album version.

An interesting and some what different album, than I had expected, which has its ups and downs. Mac's performance alone justifies, that fans of Threshold should at least check this album out...

Recommended tracks: "The Guilded Cage", "Why?", "Human Nature", "Time Drops" & "The Summer Tree (Live)"