Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, August '05
Label - Limb Music
Style - True Metal

Magic Circle

Magic Circle” is the sixth album from Wizard, Germanys answer to Manowar. I have always been a big fan of Wizard, but their last release “Odin” was a big disappointment it simply wasn’t “true” enough! This has changed with “Magic Circle” it sounds more back to the roots, tracks like “Uruk-Hai”,  “Circle of Steel” & “The Magic Goes On” are very Manowar-ish, and can compete with the best tunes on “Bound by Metal” or “Head of the Deceiver”.

“Magic Circle” is an extremely varied album with slow, mid tempo, speedy tracks and even a great ballad “Don’t Say Goodbye”, and it is all wrapped in a great production. The cover artwork is also superb, looks like a mid eighties LP cover.

“Magic Circle” also available as ltd. digipack, with two bonus tracks: “Sons of the North” & “Master of the Holy Flame”, and a video clip to “Warriors of the Night”. So if you can’t wait another four years for the new Manowar album, then go down to your local CD pusher and buy this great album!

Recommended tracks: “Uruk-Hai”, “Circle of Steel” & “Warriors of the Night”.

Link: The Official Wizard homepage