Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
ProgRock Records
Progressive Metal


WithoutEnd is yet another cool metal outfit from down under. This threesome has only been around since 2001, and this is their debut album. They are a lot more complex and progressive, than the other bands we know from Melbourne (Vanishing Point, Eyefear & Black Majesty).

Their music has some strong roots in US progressive metal, and really takes some time and quite a few spins before it starts to sink in ... but if you take the time, then this album shows a lot of promise. They do not seldom remind me of another great progressive metal band from down under: Vauxdvihl, with their very emotional vocals. Nicholas Georgakopoulus has a very unique and strong voice, which he uses very skillful. His drumming is also very good, and along with Sam Schepis on bass, he builds a strong rhythm-section, Michael Totta on guitars gives the band a nice metal edge with his playing ...

WithoutEnd is a very unique and talented band, that surely deserves your attention, if you are into progressive metal ... I really like this album, and please check them out ...

Recommended tracks: "Again", "Analyse" and "I Still Remember"

Link: www.withoutending.com