Wet Animal

Rating: 83/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label - Escapi Music (Target Distribution)
Style - Stoner Rock / Heavy Metal

Wet Animal

Do you remember TROUBLE, the legendary band, guitarist Rick Wartell started back in 1977 in Chicago?? TROUBLE is largely looked at as one of the bands, which gave birth to American Stoner Rock and when TROUBLE ended in 1995 Wartell formed WET ANIMAL.  

This is their self titled debut album and to me it needed a few spins in my CD-player before I was hooked, but I promise you… I’m hooked now!!! This album is filled with great groovy HEAVY riffs that will please most Stoner Rock and TROUBLE fans out there.

When I listen to this album I instantly think: TROUBLE and BLACK SABBATH! – So I’m sure that WET ANIMAL will appeal to BLACK SABBATH fans too! It’s very hard for me to name any standout tracks on this fine release because they are all very good. Only the ballad “Left Behind” is boring… but the rest of the tracks are a total kick in the ass! This isn't commercial Rock. This is Rock... the way it should be!

No doubt, WET ANIMAL has created a really convincing album, in my opinion, of course, which should appeal to all fans of this genre! I’m really inspired; you have to check it for yourself!

Recommended tracks: “Soul Alone”, “Outside a Hole”, “Don’t Put Me Down”, “Wreathe of the Rose” & “Relentless”.

Link: www.wetanimal.net