Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Label: Sound Riot Records
Style: Hard Rock


Unchained is a Swedish band and was officially formed in 1999. Unchained plays Melodic Metal and Hard Rock, and to me they sound like a softer version of Iron Maiden or Bruce Dickinson solo.

This release is their debut album and it's quite alright, but not a stunning release in my opinion. It is competent, but doesn’t have that driving force associated with a lot of killer albums out there.

The songs are alright, but I really miss some real highlights here. It's well crafted and played, they just lack something to win me over. So the best thing would be to listen for yourself - Unchained could be something for you, I am still not 100% sure, if it really is something for me… Still tracks like "Ghost Of The Alchemic Hall" and "Theater Of Fear" appeal to me quite a bit.

"Unchained" is produced by David Blome and the cover artwork is done by the very talented Mattias Norén. 

Recommended tracks: "Ghost Of The Alchemic Hall" & "Theater Of Fear" 

Link: www.unchained.se