Umphrey's McGee

Rating: 45/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
InsideOut Music
Progressive Jam Rock

Anchor Drops

First thing that popped into my mind was: "What a weird name", then I saw the description of their music: "Steely Dan and John Coltrane cooperate to honour Frank Zappa. Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Scritti Politti. Dixie Dregs fight Police with Pearl Jam", and I would like to add Primus on acid and a splash of King's X.

If you thought that sounds weird, then take a look at some of the song-titles: "JaJunk Pt. I & II", "Bullhead City", "Miss Tinkle's Overture", "Mulche's Odyssey", "Wife Soup" and "The Pequod". But all of the above is a pretty good refelction of just how weird this album is ... the whole album sounds like one big jam-session split into 14 pieces. Some of it sounds ok, some is simple too psychedelic for me ... the album surely has it's moments, like in the almost country and western sounding song "Bullhead City" or the cool sounding intrumental "JaJunk Pt. II" and "Wife Soup", that reminds a bit of King's X.

But for most parts, this is simply no my kind of music! The 6 musicians are all very telented and skillful, and the album has one the best productions I've heard in a very long time ...

This is the 5th album from Umphrey's McGee, but this is the first album to be released in Europe. I am sure some progheads with a flair for jam rock will dig this album, but to be honest this album hasn't inspired me to check out their back-catalogue at all ...