Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, September '05
Label - AFM Records
Style - Heavy Metal

Mission No. X

Tenth album from Germany's answer to a metal God, Udo Dirkschneider returns with his band U.D.O. after several great summer festivals with Accept. “Mission No. X” is an album with the usual trademarks of U.D.O. and Accept.

After the latest two albums “Man and Machine” & “Thunderball” my expectations to “Mission No. X” were extremely high, and tracks like “24/7” (pure Accept), “Mission No. X”, “Stone Hard” and the two great ballads “Eye of the Eagle” & “Cry Soldier Cry” are all superb tunes, but tracks like “Mean Streets”, “Way of Life” & “Mad for Crazy” simply doesn’t get close to the high standards Udo has set for himself with the last two albums, I don’t know if Mr. Dirkschneider has been too busy touring with Accept.

Stefan Kaufmanns production kicks ass as usual, and I like the simple artwork. To all the U.D.O. fanatics all over the world don’t get me wrong “Mission No. X” is a great album, but not as great as the two previous albums.

Recommended tracks: “24/7”, “Eye of the Eagle” & “Cry Soldier Cry”.

Link: www.udo-online.de