Rating: 86/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, March '05
Massacre Records
Style: Heavy Metal


Twyster hails from Germany, this is their second cd, the first one was called ”Lunatic Siren”.
This is my first encounter with Twyster, and WOW - a female fronted band, that plays straightforward Heavy Metal 80’s style.
The singer Coco sounds a bit like Doro (Without the accent), and not like all the female singers of today, no opera here.

I like the simple approach, songs like “Push Me Down”, “Under The Elms” & “Never Die” have no unnecessary guitar solos every two minutes, it's just pure metal. It’s difficult to compare Twyster with other bands, they sound like a metal version of Heart.

But I think if you are into stuff like Axxis, then you should give this one a chance. “Xplode” is produced by The Midas Twins (Powergod). Please use a few minutes to listen to “Push Me Down”, and I am sure you will buy this album.

Recommended tracks: “Push Me Down”, “Sinister Grin” & “Under The Elms”