Travers & Appice (Featuring T.M. Stevens)

Rating: 30/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '05
Label: Escapi Music
Style: Blues Rock

Live at the House of Blues

- SORRY ... I can't stand blues rock! - Not even when I'm drunk!

Despite sharp guitar licks and pounding drums, there are only two songs here - "Living Alone" and the bonus track "Keep on Rocking" - that saves me from falling asleep. Two up-tempo "power-blues-rock 'n' roll" songs, and they are actually quite OK ... but that's it. As for the rest of the songs ... panic ensues as you search desperately for the stop button.

Blues rock just doesn't do anything for me - I find blues rock crushingly, almost sadistically dull!
But then again ... if you are into blues rock, you should give this album a chance ... maybe you like it?

I know what I need ... I need a Beer!


Recommended tracks: See above.