Tramp's White Lion
Rocking the USA
Release date: October 21st 2005
Frontiers Record
Melodic Metal
Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November '05

When the attempt to reunite White Lion in the original line-up fell apart last year, Mike Tramp decided to test the waters and put his own band together and tour the USA with nothing but good old White Lion songs. Mike Tramp's mission in life might be as simple as playing rock 'n' roll and having fun, and here he does just that!

Maybe it's because Mike Tramp is a fellow Dane, maybe it's because I have a soft spot for this band, maybe it's because this is just good melodic metal and rock songs? - I don't know, I just love listening to this live album, as well as all of the old White Lion albums!

15 classic White Lion songs - 16 if you count "Radar Love" as a White Lion song, but it is a cover song after all. I am only missing maybe 2 songs: "The Road to Valhalla" and "El Salvador", but who's to complain, when they do include 2 songs from the debut album; "Broken Heart" and "Fight to Survive". All of the songs that made White Lion a big selling machine in the late 80's are off course part of the set list: "Cry for Freedom", "Little Fighter", "Tell Me", "Wait" and the 2 awesome ballads: "Lady of the Valley" and "When the Children Cry". So there not much left to be desired for, for an old White Lion fan...

An awesome live album for fans of Mike Tramp, White Lion and melodic metal - some will off course miss the magic the original line-up created live, and they do take some liberties with some of the songs - not that I think any of them suffers from that at all... this is just good fun, and I like it...

Recommended tracks: "Cry for Freedom", "Lady of the Valley" & "When the Children Cry".