Trail Of Tears

Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, February '05
Napalm Records
Style: Dark Obscure Gothic Metal

Free Fall Into Fear

Ok, I'll admit it, I really don't consider myself a huge fan of Dark Gothic Metal with both clean and black metal-like vocals, but I must also admit, that I'm actually enjoying some of the tracks on this CD.

After 3 albums, "Disclosure In Red" (1999), "Profoundemonium" (2000) and "A New Dimension Of Might" (2002), Trail Of Tears are back with a brand new album called "Free Fall Into Fear", and it really took a lot of spins in my CD-player, for this CD to grow on me.

This CD is full of both soft and beautiful parts and hard brutal parts with various breaks and fills
throughout the songs. This is very noteworthy, as is the superb drum style. However some of the songs are a little boring in my opinion, but again... I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of Metal.

This is definitely not a CD that everyone needs to hear, but it certainly will please a lot of dark gothic fans out there, I'm sure! Trail Of Tears shows us exactly what a dark atmosphere is on this realease. So, if you are into Dark Gothic Metal with both clean and Black metal-like vocals... maybe Trail Of Tears will please you.

Recommended tracks: "Joyless Trance Of Winter", "Carrier Of The Scars Of Life" and "Drink Away The Demons"