Rating: 49/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, January '05
Rawforce Production
Style: Death Thrash

In Flames Of Purification

First of all, this album could do with a remix…in fact a re-production. Especially the vocals sound odd. Actually, the vocals in particular is one of this Chilean band’s weak spots – they sound unnaturally forced.

The music on the other hand is in places really alright, in many places a mixture of Destruction and Kreator. The two guitarists also manage to air one or two exceptionally dynamic and beautiful soli. But, sadly, this does not save the album from being boring in the long run, neither can the fairly uninteresting Sadus cover, “Sadus Attack”.

Only the tune “Santa Inquisition” stands out as something special (and the heaviest track on the disc). And, oh, I forgot to mention that the lyrist are partly in English, partly in Spanish, if that can arouse anyone’s curiosity.

Recommended tracks: “Santa Inquisition” and the solo of the title track…