Tony Levin

Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Magna Carta
Style: Progressive Rock / Metal

Prime Cuts

Tony Levin, bassist and multi-instrumentalist, who have worked and recorded with everyone from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel, King Crimson to Alice Cooper, T Bone Burnett to David Bowie, Tracy Chapman to The Indigo Girls, has released an album called "Prime Cuts".

If you're not familiar with Tony Levin, this album could easily be a little introduction to this awesome bass player. The first track here on "Prime Cuts" is a track from the the first Liquid Tension Experiment CD. This track is called "Kindred Spirits" (6:29) and we have Tony Levin playing together with Mike Portney, Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci. And this track is no less than awesome. I especially like the guitar playing from Petrucci. Magnificent track.
Next up is "T & T Vignette" (2:32). Previously unreleased Bozzio Levin track, who together create a probing collage of sounds. A very weird track in my opinion.
Then we have "Another Dimension" (9:50) taken from the Liquid Tension Experiment 2 album. A good track - superb and balanced contributions from each musician. Check out the flamenco-Argentinean folkloric passage, about 6:22. - Brilliant!
We move on to track number 4 "Dark Corners" (10:30). A remix from the Bozzio Levin Stevens album: "Sonic Residue From Vapourspace". A very strange track. Listening to this track makes me feel like I'm trapped in a very weird Science Fiction movie. Not a good track in my opinion. 
From Magellan's album "Hundred Year Flood", we have "Brother's Keeper" (9:13). A better track than number 4. Reminds me a little about Fates Warning - a bit.
Track 6 and the last track is called: "Endless" (10:10), from the Bozzio Levin and Stevens "Situation Dangerous" album. The playing here is again flawless, however I find it a little bit boring. This track contains a weird guitar solo, that I really like. But the rest of this track is a bit boring. 

Fabulous musicians is all over this release.
Music from musicians ... meant for musicians.
Therefore: Listen before you buy!

Recommended tracks: "Kindred Spirits" and "Another Dimension"