Timeless Miracle

Rating: 86/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, June '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Power Metal

Into The Enchanted Chamber

Well this Swedish band delivers more of the same Heavenly, Morifade type of metal, you know happy power metal. A few years ago I bought all the CD’s in this genre I could get hold of, but then the scene exploded and there were literally a thousand power metal bands, and 950 of them sounded the same.

But Timeless Miracle also offers folklore, classic music and great melodies - you could say Morifade meets Falconer, in a speed/power metal kind of mix. This gives Timeless Miracle an extra dimension.

Tracks like “The Gates Of Hell” & “Down To The Gallows” really shows the potential of this great band, and the great voice of Mikael Holst. This is the kind of music I would have loved to hear in the “Lord Of The Ring” Trilogy. The CD ends with 14 minutes of power metal inferno, with the epic “The Voyage”; when this track ends you just want more.

“Into The Enchanted Chamber” comes with a great artwork illustrated by Mattias Norén and a crystal clear production from Anders Theander (Majestic & Pain Of Salvation). Give this great debut a chance.

Recommended tracks: “Down To The Gallows” & “The Voyage”

Link: www.timeless-miracle.com