Thomas Bodin

Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Label: InsideOut Music
Progressive Rock


Thomas Bodin, who some of you might know is the keyboard player in The Flower Kings, is ready with his 4th solo album, and for the first time he has been chosen to make a prog rock opera - his previous albums were all solely instrumentals.

The story began as a kind of therapeutic experience for Thomas Bodin - a way of self discovery. Thomas started asking himself questions like: "Will it have a good ending?", "Who Am I?" or "Will I live eternally?", so the story do touch on both philosophical as well as religious themes. The result is this big rock opera split into 3 acts - part one called "I", the second part is entitled: "A" and the third part is - as some of you might have guessed by now - called "M".

63 minutes of progressive rock heavily inspired by the 70's with bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and even some Cream inspired jazz rock ... the songs are all clicking in around the 20 minutes mark, so to dissect each one of them would be a too big a task - discover it for yourself.

To help him out on this musical journey he has Jonas Reingold (bass) and Marcus Liliequist (drums) from The Flower Kings, Jocke JJ Marsh from the Glenn Hughes Band is handling the guitars, and vocals are handled by Anders Jansson, Pernilla Bodin and Helene Schönning. If you are into big compositions, then I suggest you’d give this album a listen, but be ware - it's not an easy task, and will demand a lot of the listener. This album won't sink in after one listen ...