Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '05
Label: Metal Blade Records
Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal


Symphorce is back with a brand new album called “Godspeed”, and I must say that this album is a pleasant surprise. First I was a little disappointed with “Godspeed” but after 5-6 spins in my CD-player it started to open up to me.

The music here is pure Metal and I found myself head banging quite a lot while listening to the CD. Good sign, right? There is some serious heavy riffing going on here, just take a listen to track 7 “Wounds Will Last Within” or the heavy as shit track 8 “Your Cold Embrace”. This is not the usual Happy Metal, and I find the amount of heaviness to be found on this CD is quite enjoyable. The best track here on “Godspeed” is “Everlasting Life”, in my humble opinion, of course. Great chorus. There are a few mediocre songs to be found here as well. Track 11 “Crawling Walls for You” for example… this song unfortunately fails to grab the listener in a way similar to most of the tracks. - This album isn’t groundbreaking in any way and properly won’t be album of the month on most web-sites, but I hope this band keeps doing what they are doing, and I hope they can make it even better next time on their next album.

Still… it’s a quite enjoyable album.

Recommended tracks: See above.