Supreme Majesty

Rating: 55/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, March '05
Massacre Records
Style: Melodic Metal

Elements Of Creation

Maybe the greatest disappointment of the year is the new album from Supreme Majesty. In 1999 they released a superb mini cd called “Divine Enigma” with pure power metal. And I thought, that this was a band with a bright future.
The follow up “Tales Of A Tragic Kingdom” from 2001 was all right, but then in 2003, they released the “Danger” cd, and it sounded like a Europe cd - don’t get me wrong I like Europe, but as Sean Connery would have said, “There can only be one”.
The new cd “Elements Of Creation” sounds exactly like its predecessor, with two or three good melodic metal songs and the rest of the stuff are below average.
If you feel like taking a break from head banging, this cd is recommended.
But I think we all can live without this cd.  

Recommended tracks: Not really ...