Subway To Sally

Rating: 95/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, October '05
Label - Nuclear Blast GmhH (VME Distribution)
Style: German atmospheric Metal

Nord Nord Ost

Now, once in a rare while there are albums that at first sound alright, and then slowly with every listen you grant it, increasingly succeeds in taking your breath away. Subway to Sally’s latest offering, “Nord Nord Ost” is one of these rare albums. I got this promo in the mail two days ago and it hardly stopped spinning.  

I have to admit that the only other album I have by STS is 1995’s “MCMXCV”. The development of the band is naturally fairly big.
“Nord Nord Ost” is a display of mature song writing, self-assuredness in a unique style where elements of folkloristic Middle Ages inspired sounds and hard pumped German metal music as well as bombastic orchestration is balanced beautifully.

There are so many hit songs on this album, and the current position of the album in the German charts proves it. I can envision thousands of semi to full on drunk Germans with greasy hair and beer bellies standing on a field and screaming these songs into the night at just about any German festival in 2006. It will be heart-moving and I’ll shed a tear. I’ll try to be there!

Fantastic album for any fan of German music!

Recommended tracks: All of them.