Steve Howe

Rating: 20/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Instrumental Jazz Rock


This has to be one the most uninspired and boring cd's I've heard this year!

Even though Steve Howe must be one the most inspiring rock guitarists in the past 35 year, well known from his career with Yes, Asia and GTR, along with numerous solo albums - this is his 14th solo-abum - this simply doesn't cut it! Not for me anyhow ... maybe you need to be a huge fan or a dedicated guitar player yourself, but to me this is just a waste of time - 1 hour, 15 songs are on the album - but take a listen for yourself, maybe you'll recognize something enjoyable ...

I have never been a fan of instrumental albums, jazz or Yes, so to me this is just a bad combination of elements ... off course there's some interesting guitar parts, along with some good leads. Steve has chosen wisely for his backing band with Dylan Howe (Drums), Virgil Howe (Moog), Tony Levin (Bass) and Oliver Wakeman (Keyboards), so no complaints there, and the sound is also good, but that's simply not enough for me ...

Recommended tracks: Nah not really...