Spock's Beard

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - InsideOut Music
Style - Progressive Rock

Gluttons for Punishment

While the last couple of Spock's Beard studio albums have suffered immensely from the departure of Neal Morse, there have never been any questions about just how great a live band Spock's Beard is. And this double live album is a testament to that legacy.

Through 2 CD's they show just what a Spock's Beard live show is all about, starting with the entire "A Flash Before My Eyes" the latest mega-epos from their new "Octane" album, which is also represented by "NWC" and "As Long As We Ride". The rest of the song list is made up by classic songs like "At the End of the Day" (from "Five"), "Harm's Way" (from "The Kindness of Strangers"), and "Feel Euphoria" is represented by "The Bottom Line" and "Ghosts of Autumn" and off course there is still room for the classic Spock's Beard song above them all: "The Light" (from the album of the same name).

This is a essential purchase for Spock's Beard fans' everywhere, not to mention prog-heads around the World, because Nick D'Virgilio and crew show on this live release where Spock's Beard's the true force lies ... performing live in front of a good crowd of fanatic fans! If you like Spock's Beard, then I am sure you already have this one on your shopping list ... this is for Spock's Beard fans and prog-heads only...

Link: www.spocksbeard.com