Spock's Beard

Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock


"Octane" is the second album from Spock's Beard since Neal Morse left them to pursue own interests. With this album, they have the oppertunity to prove, that they can stand on their own feet - and to some degree they've succeeded.

But out of the 12 tracks on offer, only 4 or maybe 5 songs have the high songwriting quality we are used to from their hands. But the rest is at best decent, there's even a few songs, that I frankly feel doesn't deserve to be on a Spock's Beard album. And out of the 5 good songs, not a single track has the quality to be a true Spock's classic in the long run.

Sad, but true .... the album has like always a good and crisp sound, the technical level is top-notch and I think Nick D'Vigilio vocals on this album is a tad better than on "Feel Euphoria".

Recommended tracks: “There Was A Time”, “The Planet's Hum” and “Watching The Tide"

Link: www.spocksbeard.com