Space Odyssey

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, March '05
Regain Records
Neo-classical Power Metal

The Astral Episode

Richard Andersson is back with his Space Odyssey project and the second album "The Astral Episode", the follow up to "Embrace The Galaxy". We get 8 tracks in the same vein as the first album and like his other project: Time Requiem. So nothing new here.
Space Odyssey is:
Richard Andersson - Keyboards
Nils Patrik Johansson - Vocals
Andreas Brobjer - Drums
Magnus Nilsson - Guitars & bass

A very strong line up, but unfortunately "The Astral Episode" doesn't quite reach the heights of the stunning debut. Not that this is a bad or boring album! No, no, no ... I like this release, however I'm sure, that I've heard it all before.

This disc kicks off with "Through Dreams And Reality" - and it's a nice track, but somehow forgettable.
Next is "Astral Episode" - and this track is magnificent. Tasteful playing and a very memorable chorus. More of that, please!
Third track "Lord Of The Winds" and I'm thinking: Astral Doors??? But no ... this is Space Odyssey, but it's very close to a Astral Doors track. Great guitar and keyboard playing here, but not a very memorable track in my humlbe opinion.
It gets way better on track 4 "Dazzel The Devil" - great playing here again - of course - a great, great track with a stunning chorus. This song just makes me feel good!
Track 5 - "Back To The Dark" is only average in my opinion.
Next up is "Presence Of Mind" - nice instrumental track. Not mindblowing, but good.
"Reversation" - is up next, and it's a majestic hymn and one of a very high quality. In my opinion of course.
The last track is "The Seventh Star Fantasy" - this is, in my opinion, a very atmospheric track, more than 8 minutes of Neo-classical, Prog., Folk and a Heavy as hell riff. Great.
The production is good and the playing is flawless - do we need more? You have to have a little time because this album needs time to grow, okay?

Recommeded tracks: "Astral Episode", "Dazzel The Devil", "Reversation" and "The Seventh Star Fantasy"