Stream of Passion

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - InsideOut Music
Style - Progressive Metal

Embrace the Storm

Stream of Passion is a band put together by Dutch multi-artist Arjen A. Lucassen, who some of you might know is the man behind Ayreon, Ambeon and Star One. The idea behind this band - the first "real" band he's been a part of for the first time in 10 years - Ayreon, Ambeon and Start One was/is put together one project after another, this time he wanted to show to the rest of the World just how talented Mexican singer Marcela Bovio is.

Marcela was off course a part of the last Ayreon album "The Human Equation", a gig she sort of won by entering a "call for demos" contest on the Ayreon site. And to use Arjen's own words: "I constructed the band around her song-writing skills, both musically and lyrically".

This collaboration was completed by the addition of Dutch drummer Davy Mickers, Swedish/American guitarist Lori Linstruth, Mexican pianist Alejandro Millán and Dutch bassist Johan van Stratum, with Arjen Lucassen filling in the sport of rhythm guitarist himself. This rather unique and diverse mixture of cultures has resulted in an album filled with dark and mysterious songs, moving ballads and hard and heavy songs. And Marcela doesn't limit her self to singing in English, no the album does also shows her ability to sing in Spanish.

This is another perfect example of Arjen's unselfish approach to music, giving a rough diamond from Mexico the chance to prove her self to a wider audience. On most of the 12 songs, she and the rest of the band deliver a solid performance, and I am confident Arjen's name alone will give this album a lot attention, maybe a bit too much, because this is nothing special - just a good album with it's ups and downs...

Recommended tracks: "Passion", "Haunted", "Embrace the Storm" and "Nostalgia".