Red for Fire : An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1

Release date: October 17th 2005
Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: VME Denmark

Progressive Avant-garde metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
November '05

For those who like metal with a twist of other styles of music wouldn’t do wrong if they granted Norwegian duo Solefald a listen.  

Despite a past as black metal outfit, the two Norwegians Lazare Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelin have created something that only remotely belongs to said genre. A song like “White Frost Queen” would seem too beautiful with its female vocals and violin to have been created by grim black metallers, whereas e.g. “Survival of the Outlaw” and “There is Need” show more metal edge. Funnily enough, the latter is one of the least interesting tunes on the CD.  

That said, Solefald have managed to blend in the use of violin, cello and saxophone (!) very well and these instruments all have a suitable presence in the soundscape.  

On the whole, guest vocalist Aggir Frost Peterson fits in nicely, but I can’t help feeling that his voice is oddly strained at times, and that to the point where it gets a bit annoying (particularly during “Sea I Called”).  

But all in all, “Red for Fire” is a very good album and it is recommendable for fans of Arcturus and other avant-garde bands.  

Recommended: “Sun I Call”, Survival of the Outlaw” & “White Frost Queen”.