Release date: October 3, 2005
Scarlet Records
Target Distribution
Symphonic / Power Metal
Rating: 25/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
October '05

Well, the last Skylark album I bought was “The Princess’ Day” back in 2001, so I was shocked when “Fairytales” got its first spin in my CD player, female vocals (what the f**k) and to be honest the lady can’t sing, my parents dog could have done a better job.

While past Skylark albums like “Dragon’s Secrets” and “Gate of Hell” were great power metal albums, “Fairytales” sounds like childish happy metal, why? What has happened with Skylark?

None of the tracks on this CD does it for me, its one big pile of crap they even managed to f**k up Mike Oldfield’s “Moonlight Shadow”, I think it’s the worst cover version ever.

Even the production sucks big time, but there are two positive things - the Luis Royo cover artwork, and the fact that this is the last time I will listen to this album. Avoid.  

Recommended tracks: No.