Sieges Even

Rating: 100/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - InsideOut Music
Style - Progressive Rock

The Art of Navigating by the Stars

THE HIGHEST SCORE POSSIBLE! I'd never thought I would give an album a "perfect 10", but as of right now I have a new personal all-time favorite album. I might be the only one in the World, who gets so much pleasure out of this album, but I don't care, because this album has struck me where it hurts - and I LOVE IT!

Awestruck is a word that comes up when I shall explain how I feel about this album, to me everything seem to be in the right place at the right time, not a single note, tone or break seem to be out of place. When I write everything, then I mean absolutely everything, starting with the crystal clear production that fits the music perfectly. The bass sound is awesome - in your face and very upfront without ever being dominant. The drum sound is sharp and clear - just listen to the cymbal or snare drum sound - WAUV! The combination of Alex and Oliver Holzwarth has to be one of the best and most tight rhythm sections around. Their contribution is the very foundation to this masterpiece of music!

And on the guitars we welcome Markus Steffen back - he was a part of the first 3 Sieges Even albums - and if the Holzwarth brothers were the foundation, then he's surely the walls! The input his sounds, themes, motifs, riffs and leads have on this album is immense. To try to describe his playing style is not an easy task - he's capable of playing very emotional with a lot of feeling, but if the need is for aggressive playing, then he does that with the same ease. His excellent playing totally covers up the fact that they don't use a keyboard player.

And they've struck gold with the recent addition of the new vocalist Arno Menses, who is capable of singing everything thrown at him - sort of the perfect combination between Ted Leonard (Enchant) and Geddy Lee (Rush) - just better and his performance on this album is top notch! No matter if it's hard and complex vocal lines, or "easy" and smooth lines or big choruses, he masters everything extremely well.

To get into each and every song would just make this already long review even longer; all 8 songs - called Sequences on this album - plus a short intro are of the highest musical level. I love everything about this album, and to me this is art in its purest and most beautiful form.

I'd hate to put a label on this music, but just to make things a bit more clear, then this is progressive rock in the same sense bands like Rush and Enchant are - those are possible the 2 bands, which Sieges Even reminds me most of on this album. But this is so much more: jazz, rock, metal, classical and pop music! The music is demanding on the listener in its complexity, but at the same time its very song orientated. Might sound like a strange brew, but it's working perfectly for me!

I am pretty sure this is not an album for everyone, but it has struck me right in the heart, and this is my recommendation to music fans all round the globe:
"Rush out and buy this album on the day it's released. Rush home; throw the kids, wife and friends out of the house. Put the disc into your CD-player. Sit down with a cold one and relax, push play on the remote and close your eyes and enjoy this exceptional musical journey".

Recommended tracks: Every single second of the album!