Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, January '05
MTM Records
Style: AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Sunset And Vine

I'm not the biggest fan of AOR, but I must admit that the brand new Shy album "Sunset And Vine" is a pleasant surprise.

"Sunset And Vine" is dripping with quality smooth AOR of the highest class. Take a listen to tracks like "High Time", "Don't Jump The Gun" and "Walk Through Fire" and I think you understand what I mean. However, each song is wonderfully crafted wedges of polished AOR Rock music.

First, I wasn't thrilled with this album, but I gave it another chance ... and then another ... and suddenly it opened up to me. So when I need a little break from my hard hitting metal albums, Shy gives my braincells a needed rest.

BUT one thing is for sure: The chorus in track 4 "Where Is The Love" sounds exactly like the chorus in "Where's The Man" from the album "Far Off Grace" by Vanden Plas.

So if you are into Shy or AOR and melodic hard rock, or you just need a little break from the hard hitting metal, give Shy a chance, maybe you like them.

Recommended tracks: "High Time", "Don't Jump The Gun", "First Love" and "Walk Through Fire"