Shadow Gallery

Rating: 94/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Metal

Room V

I have been a fan of Shadow Gallery ever since they released "Carved In Stone" back in 1995, and have gotten used to, that their albums are far between. This time it has taken them 4 years to create a new album - "Room V" is their fifth album overall and the second part of "Tyranny" concept they began in 1998.

And with the familiar fashion we are served intense progressive metal, which is true to their own sound, so the trademark sound we know and love from them are still around. Laura Jaeger, who was a part of "Tyranny" returns and delivers a wonderful duet with Mike Baker.

It's hard to question anything on this great album, because it is by far the best produced Shadow Gallery album ever, all 14 songs are of the high standard we are used to from them. The vocals from Mike Baker are excellent, the instrumental passages are great, the guitar leads are equally great, the keyboards parts are also flawless, and the rhythm section lays down the foundation with ease ... but why isn't it as great as "Tyranny" then? I miss the standout tracks on this album, they are all great, but not one or two stands out and make my jaw drop!

But don't worry too much, because you still get 75 minutes of progressive metal par excellance. And if you like their earlier stuff, then I promise you you'll love this one as much as the others ... so get this album and enjoy the music!

Recommended tracks: "Comfort Me", "Torn", "The Archer Of Ben Salem", "Room V" & "Rain"