Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, March '05
Label: AFM Records
Style: Power Metal


When André Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori left Angra and created Shaaman they found themselves back at square one. But they proved with their first album: "Ritual", that they didn't have to hide from their old band. Later on they released a live CD/DVD: "Ritualive" with a great liveshow from Brazil.

And now they are back with their important second album: "Reason", an album, that means make it or break it for many bands. Again the main focus is on André Matos and he proves once more, that he has to be counted among the best power metal vocalists in the world. Musically we get high quality power metal with the usual influences from latino music, classical music and good old fashion power metal. This album isn't as symphonic as the first one, and the guitars have been toned down a bit, so the the overall feeling is a bit harder and a bit heavier this time around ...

The album offers 10 songs, all excellent produced by Sascha Paeth, and includes a cover-version of Sister Of Mercy's "More". The album kicks off with maybe the hardest song in Shaaman history: "Turn Away", a very cool opener. Another song I have to mention is "Innocence" - a orchestral epic masterpiece, that shines on this album - a wonderful ballad where André shines like a bright star ... this song gives me chills down my spine ... "In The Night" is another perfect example of what sets Shaaman apart from most of the competition - a wonderful symphonic and progressive song. Some of the rest do sadly enough not live up the the very high standard of these songs. 

This is a good album, that might not be accessible as their first album, I needed a few more spins before this album really opened up and offered some of the things I wished for ... that said I do think "Ritual" is a superior album to this one.

And it's no mistake I spell their name Shaaman, because that's how they want it now ...

Recommended tracks: “Turn Away”, “Reason”, “Innocence” & "In The Night"