Secret Sphere

Rating: 81/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, April '05
Nuclear Blast
Style: Power Metal

Heart & Anger

I can still remember coming home with Secret Sphere’s debut CD “Mistress Of The Shadowlight” back in 1999, putting the CD into my CD-player, and pressing the play button, and BAM high quality Power metal came out of my speakers, somewhere between Labyrinth and Rhapsody.

Then in 2001 their second album “A Time Nevercome” was released, another great CD, but it couldn’t keep up with “Mistress Of The Shadowlight”. In 2003 “Scent Of Human Desire” followed - the first one on Nuclear Blast. The first two CD’s was on Elevate Records. “Scent Of Human Desire” was a strange CD, it was a mix between progressive stuff (Yeah not my cup of tea) and power metal, and it sounded like they couldn’t decide on, what to play.

And now we got a new cd called “Heart & Anger”, I was afraid, that these Italians would release another album with more progressive stuff, but it’s more back to the old stuff. On the first album we were served only with speedy songs, this CD is a more diverse offering, the majority of the songs are still speedy, but there are also mid tempo songs like “Dance With The Devil”. There are more orchestral elements on this CD, but it sounds pretty good with the heavy riffs from Aldo Lonobile and Paco Gianotti. I still think that the speedy stuff like “Set Me Free” and “Faster Than The Storm” are where Secret Sphere has their force. “Heart & anger” are definably a step in the right direction again.

Recommended tracks: “Set Me Free” & “Faster Than The Storm"