Second Shadow

Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, September 05
Label - Murdered Records (own label)
Style - Death Thrash

Line Up (Execution Style)

From Norway hails the young, hopeful extreme metallians Second Shadow. With one demo behind them, they have now released this six track CD (plus a video) on their own Murdered Records. To be honest, the EP is little more than an advanced demo CD with a fairly professional layout. 

But, having said that, the is little doubt that this band could have the tenacity it takes to move on to grander pastures. The six tracks on the EP do show musicianship with potential and ideas plus a fair amount of extremity.  

The sound on the CD reminds me of a lot of the US death thrash I listened to in the mid nineties, and…well, perhaps it would be cool to try a professional producer the next time. The band’s music is actually worth a next time, mind you.  

The CD also includes the video track “Torture”. The video seems a bit odd, ridiculous, even, since it is recorded in vocalist Jon’s living room with a bunch of mates. The attentive reader/listener will notice, however, that this is the censored version. The uncensored version can be downloaded from the band’s website and when you watch that, everything makes a lot more sense. Gory shit, my friends, gory shit. Sick indeed, and just how we like it.  

Check’em out.