Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Escapi Music
Style: Progressive Metal

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German progressive metal, that has been a long time on it's way ... recordings started back in august 2002 and was completed by november 2003. Why this album hasn't been released until now is beyond me, but here it is.

8 progressive metal songs, and a cover-version of Talk Talk's "Such A Shame" is on offer here, and no doubt we are dealing with 5 skillful musicians here, and they have created a very interesting piece of metal. Catchy progressive metal with lots of rhythm changes and versatile vocals - they have even decided to keep the original versions of 2 songs, sung by their old vocalist Nektarios Bamiatzis, and in my opinion a wise move, because I think he's the better vocalist of the 2 and the 2 songs are my favorites on the album.

This is an OK album with some memorable moments, a cool cover-version and overall a good start for this band. If you like progressive metal, then do yourself a favour and give them a chance ...

Recommended tracks: "My Own Life", "Save The Light" and "Such A Shame"