Rating: 62/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, May '05
Style: Heavy Metal


Saxon is back with a new album called "Lionheart", and I must admit, that I'm not a hardcore Saxon fan and I'm not exactly thrilled here. Not that this release is bad no, no ... but it isn't fantastic either.

To cut a long story short - This is pure Saxon!
They sound exactly like they always do ... nothing new here. We get midtempo, uptempo and slow songs on "Lionheart", but I fail to remember any of them, except for one, even after numerous listens. This track I'm talking about is called "To Live By The Sword"! This track ROCKS, boys and girls!

"Lionheart" will please Saxon fans, I'm sure about that. But to the rest of you I have to say, that there are so many other CDs that are more worthy of your attention and money, so you can check it out, but do not buy it without listening to it first!

Recommended track: "To Live By The Sword"