Savage Circus

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - Dockyard 1
Style - Pure 90's Blind Guardian Metal

Dreamland Manor

When Thomen Stauck left Blind Guardian, many though it was to pursue new musical grounds... well that's not the case in any way, all he has done is to go back to his roots! And by that I mean back to the days when Blind Guardian was all about power and speed metal - with albums like "Somewhere Far Beyond" and "Tales from the Twilight World".

All nine tracks could easily have been written for either of those albums, and all of them are at least as good as any songs on those albums... this is pure early 90's speed metal, and I actually prefers that BG period of to the new bombastic and over-produced last few albums, so this album is a nice refreshing surprise for me and fans of those albums.

To help him create this old-school sound Thomen has chosen a vocalist, who isn't a 100% clone of Hansi, but he's very very close to. Persuader vocalist Jens Carlsson, fellow Swede and Persuader Emil Norberg (guitars) along with Piet Sielck (guitars and backing vocals) makes the line-up complete, so all the fundamentals are in place. Even the cover and artwork is classical old school stuff...

So while you are waiting for the next BG album to be released, there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this journey back in time, I surely did, and I am sure all BG fans as well as power metal fans will do the same...

Recommended tracks: "Evil Eyes", "Tomorrowland", "It - The Gathering" and "When Hell Awakes".