Rating: 38/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label - Neurotic Records (VME Distribution)
Style - Black Metal

For a Dead Race

I must admit that I prefer Death Metal to Black Metal, “For a Dead Race” is very typical Black Metal and very furious, intense and aggressive. When I listen to this album it somehow seems to annoy and stress me up. First of all… I don’t like the production, could have been better in my opinion. Then there is the drummer… on some of the tracks he seems to play a different “song” than the other musicians… but hey… maybe I just don’t understand, what they are trying to prove here??

Then we have the tracks… in my opinion only one of them stands out, and it’s “Prey to Destruction” the rest of the tracks misses that certain thing that makes you say; - Hey listen to this shit… this is good!

But then again… Black Metal isn’t my strongest side, so you have to bear with me, ok? - If YOU are into Black Metal, check this album out, maybe you like it better than me?  

Recommended tracks: See above.