Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Massacre Records
Melodic Metal

Living On The Edge

This is the product of Jordi Sandalinas - hence the bandname. Jordi has some very impressive credentials from New Milford's NGSW, where he took lessons from Terry Syrek. The whole thing started back in 2000, when Jordi put together some songs, that got the attention of Andy LaRocque, who ended up producing this album at his studio in Sweden and he has also contributed with guitar leads on 2 songs.

Andy introduced Jordi to Apollo Papathanasio (vocalist, ex-Time Requiem & Meduza), who is taking care of the vocals on this album. And talking of vocals, Apollo really shows just what he's able to do on this album - just take a listen to his performance on the ballad "The Day The Earth Died".

Musically we are talking a nice mixture of classic hard rock and melodic metal. The music do also get a nice neo-classical twist with Jordi's leads, heavily inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen. Some of the songs are moving towards power metal, but the general feeling is classic metal. 10 solid melodic metal songs are on offer here, and all of them are well played and Andy LaRocque's production is flawless, so overall this is a good solid effort from this Spanish/Swedish collaboration.

Recommended tracks: "If It Wasn't For You", "The Day The Earth Died" and "The Conqueror"