Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - Steamhammer
Style - Hard Rock

The Chapters Live

There has always been a special feeling of mystery surrounding the so-called Chapters among fans of Canadian rock legends Saga. After all there is one story behind these songs spread over the band's entire career. Part of the fascination is that the individual Chapters have not been released in chronologic order, as an example the debut album from Saga featured Chapters 5 and 6. You can say that the epic song was released in bit and pieces making it very hard for fans to figure out the whole story!

Back in 1986 they did perform the existing Chapters 1-8, but now finally we get, what all Saga fans have been hoping and praying for, for so long ... all 16 Chapters played in chronologically order, the big musical puzzle is solved. Big Saga hits is almost non-present on this 82 minutes journey, but I do not miss them one second, because this is all about 25 years of story finally coming together - the story unfolds...

To say this is for fans only is a given! New fans are blessed to get the story now - the story old fans like me have been waiting for 25 years to hear. As a fan I like this album, as a reviewer I might have bigger issues with this release, but I am first and foremost a fan - and I like it! But how do you rate such an album? As a fan I'd say high, as a reviewer maybe not so high, so I'll just say ... I like it and my rating reflects that.