Russell Allen

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Hard Rock

Russell Allen's Atomic Soul

This is the first solo-album from Symphony X's vocalist Russell Allen, not that this album has very much in common with his main band. But don't let that scare you off, because this is a very good rock album, which really showcases just how great and versatile a singer Russell Allen is!

I consider this his homage to his musical roots, and you'll soon discover, that he has his roots in the big hard rock bands from the 70's - Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. So this can be described as classic hard rock with a touch of blues, I would call it: "good old school hard rock"!

Russell Allen has composed and arranged the entire album, he plays a lot of the guitars and bass parts, has laid down some of the keyboard-parts as well. The album was recorded at "The Dungeon" (Symphony X's own studio) with Russell Allen at the helm. But it's not like he has done everything by himself - Mike Pinella and Michael Romeo have given their band mate a helping hand, Jens Johansson contribute with the keyboards on the title track and Bruce Nelson plays the drums on this very well produced album.

If you are looking for some straight ahead rock songs, then take a listen to "Blackout" or "Voodoo Hand", on the other hand if you are looking for some melodic and bluesy moments, then take a listen to "Angel" (cool lead guitar) or "The Distance" (nice ballad). My personal favourite is also the longest song on the album "We Will Fly", a great song of epic proportions!

Russell Allen shows on all 11 tracks, that he is not just a power vocalist, but also a singer with a lot of heart and soul. I am sure this album will surprise many Symphony X fans, but do give it a chance, because this is a very cool album!

Recommended tracks: "Blackout", "Voodoo Hand", "Gaia", "We Will Fly" & "Atomic Soul"