Running Wild

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Gun Records
Style: Heavy Metal

Rogues En Vogue

My favourite pirat RockīnīRolf and his band Running Wild is back with a brand new album called: "Rogues En Vogue". As a fan of Running Wild it's without doubt very hard for me to be very objective here, but I will do my best.

"Rogues En Vogue" kicks off with "Draw The Line" - a mid tempo song, and in my opinion not a very strong opener. However this song has a great rolling rhythm and some nice guitar licks from 'Rolf'. But then again, not a very strong opener.
It gets way better with track number two, "Angel Of Mercy" - a very strong effort, with a very catchy chorus. This track is pure Running Wild. One of the best songs on this release.
Next up is "Skeleton Dance" - a mid tempo track. Not as strong as track two, but still a lot better than track one in my opinion.
Number four is called "Skull & Bones". Again a mid tempo track. Great stuff. Pure Running Wild here. Great rolling rhythm with tempo changes. And again a very strong chorus - a great pirat song.
"Born Bad, Dying Worse" is up next. This song contains a great, great riff, however this track bore me a little. Not that this song is bad, no ... it's quite enjoyable, but it's not quite up with the last three songs.
"Black Gold" is next. Again a very typical Running Wild track with a great pre-chrous.
Then we have "Soul Vampires". Great track in my opinion. Hypnotic rhythms and a very memorable chorus. More of that, please!
The titel track "Rogues En Vogue" and "Winged & Feathered" are next. Rock'n'Rolf seems to have run out of ideas with these two songs. Okay songs, but not that great.
"Dead Man's Road" is next and I like the guitar here, and it's a quite enjoyable track.
Track eleven is called "The War". The longest song here (10:38). Some will say that the military feel is overdone and in truth, it can come across as dull. But not to me. I really like this track. Huge and epic. One of the best on this album in my opinion.
The Limited Edition comes with two bonustracks: "Cannonball Tongue" and "Libertalia" - and especially "Libertalia" is fantastic. To me, one of the best Running Wild songs ever. A real "Pirat Hymn". If you don't like this song ... there must be something seriously wrong with you!

Not the strongest Running Wild album ever, but certainly not the weakest one either.

Recommended tracks: "Angel Of Mercy", "Skull & Bones", "Soul Vampires", "The War" and "Libertalia" (Bonustrack)