Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '05
Label - Tempus Fugit / InsideOut Music (Target Distribution)
Style - 70's Progressive Rock

Start the Fire (Live)

My first introduction to RPWL was the latest studio album "World through My Eyes" from the start of this year, a fine piece of progressive rock for fans of Pink Floyd. A band, that has never been among my favourites nor will they ever be... I have never understood the fascination about them.

Now I have to deal with a double live album from RPWL, where they combine their own songs with loads of cover versions of Pink Floyd songs! The live recording in itself is actually very good, the songs are all very well played, the crowd is good and the band seems to have fun on stage. But that said, this is simply not my kind of progressive rock, and I loose interest very quickly.

However I strongly recommend this double album to fans of RPWL and Pink Floyd, and there's some rather unique versions of old Pink Floyd songs performed live on this album, that should be of some interest to a lot of rock fans...

Link: www.rpwl.de