Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '05
InsideOut Music
Style: 70's Progressive Rock

World Through My Eyes

I am pretty sure, a lot of people with their roots deep into 70's progressive rock like Genesis and Pink Floyd would find a whole lot of cool stuff on this album.

But I have never been a huge fan of either, and with my metal background, I quickly loses interest in this album. Sure the musicians are all very skilful, the songs are very well played, but it is simply too pretty and neat ... wonderful soundscapes with nice keys, good vocals - with Ray Wilson as guest vocalist on the song: "Roses" etc.

They combine their kind of progressive rock with some cool influences from the Far East, and this mixture is one the things I like the best about this album. However I must say, that overall the music quickly becomes a bit of a bore to me ...

But if you are into sounds like the ones before mentioned, then I am sure you'll dig this one also - just take a listen to the excellent title-track ... 10 minutes of incredible music.

Recommended track: "World Through My Eyes"

Link: www.rpwl.de