Royal Hunt

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Label: Frontiers Records
Progressive Metal

Paper Blood

Royal Hunt is back or should I say André Andersen & John West is back, because since their last album "The Watchers" from 2001, there has been quite a few ups and downs in Royal Hunt - resulting in long time serving members Steen Mogensen (bass) and Jacob Kjær have left the band. They've been replaced by Marcus Jidell on guitars, and André has recorded the bass himself. Former member Allan Sørensen has recorded the drums on this album, but he's not listed as a full-time member.

Royal Hunt is Royal Hunt, and you either love or hate their approach to music - I don't think there any other way around them! Royal Hunt IS André Andersen and like on all of their previous albums, the music is written around a very dominant keyboard sound, classical inspired and always up front in their sound. I like their music so I have no problem with the songs, 10 in total this time, 3 instrumental and 7 with vocals.

So classical inspired progressive metal, powerful and with huge choirs - Lisa McTurk & Kenny Lübcke is a big part of the choirs once more - is what is on the platter. No big surprises here, you get what you could expect - good solid metal. I feel this album has more in common with "Fear" than their last couple of albums, it never reaches the heights of albums like: "Moving Target" or "Paradox", but it's still a good Royal Hunt album, and if you like their kind of music, then you can pick this one up without hesitation ... solid effort.

Recommended tracks: "Not My Kind", "Never Give Up", "Paper Blood" & "Twice Around The World"