Rating: 30/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, June '05
Label: MTM Music
Style: Melodic Hard Rock


After releasing 6 albums from 1987 to 1993 with great success, it was quiet around the Norwegian melodic rock band Return in the next 8 years to come, then they released a best of album and a live album, and now 12 years after their last regular album they are back with a new one, simply entitled “Return”.

Return plays melodic AOR - Toto meets White Lion and it’s not my cup of tea, I really hate this kind of music 10 tracks and 7 of them are ballads, I want some kick ass guitars not this cheesy stuff.

Most of the stuff here are soft ballads “All That I See”, “Save The Heart” etc. But there are also a couple of heavy rockers “TV-Song”, “Heroes And Knights” & “Mr. President”.

The best I can say about this CD is that these 3 songs kicks ass and the production are great, and that’s it. Even the cover is crappy.

Recommended tracks: “Mr. President” & “Heroes And Knights”