Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label – Scarlet Records (Target Distribution)
Style – Heavy Metal / Power Metal

Requiem Forever

I was a happy man, when I received this promo with REQUIEM and I couldn’t wait to listen to it, so I threw it my CD-player right away. My first reaction was; - What a pile of horse manure!!!

But I gave it another chance… and another… and it’s my job to do that, right? Now I’m glad I did because, when I got used to Jouni Nikula’s voice this album opened up to me, and suddenly I found some good music here on “Requiem Forever”.  

11 tracks of good Heavy Metal / Power Metal is to be found here and songs like, “Possessed By Power”, “Hold On”, “The Tower” and “Sleepless Nights” are all very catchy and not too demanding and it makes me more than anxious to see what the future will bring for REQUIEM.

This is not a perfect album in my humble opinion, but if you give it some time I think you will find it quite good.

“Requiem Forever” is mastered at Chartmakers Studios, Helsinki, by Svante Forsbäck and the cover artwork is done by Carlos Del Olmo.  

So if you’re into Melodic Heavy Metal and Power Metal with both clean and rougher vocals… check REQUIEM out!

Recommended tracks: See above!